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Unicorn Building is a remedial building specialist company, serving strata managers, strata schemes, project managers, engineers, and architects for over two decades.

Structural Repairs and Concrete Spalling

Structural Building Movement in buildings is a common phenomenon and often unnoticeable. Materials in buildings often shrink and expand and over time lead to cracking, tearing, water leaks and buildings become drummy.

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Façade Upgrade and Repair

Upgrading and or repairing building façade enables a wide range of opportunities to meet the intended design and needs without the costs and inconvenience of rebuilding. The value of a property can be increased, and continued damage to the building eliminated.

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Cavity Flashing & Lintel Replacement

A common and major building defect is defective cavity flashing due to poor initial construction practises. Cavity flashing has to be carried out by competent and experienced team that will maintain the structural integrity of the building. Arch Bar and Lintels are replaced with minimal impact.

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Building Diagnosis and Solutions

Backed by our vast onsite experience we are well placed and capable of assessing and diagnosing any building defect. With the technical knowledge and background to recommend the most effective and economical method of rectification.

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Renovations & Refurbishment

We understand the delicate process involved in the modification works. We have carried out numerous types of renovation and alteration projects. There are no surprises to us when it comes to renovating. Experience is everything.

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Our extensive experience and knowledge is derived by our involvement in many waterproofing projects ranging from complete roof tops to balconies, Planter boxes and bathrooms. We have vast experience in torch on systems, polyurethane, acrylic & PVC systems.

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